It's never too late to instill the Gospel in our children

I am excited to include totally new and different content here at Ignite!

Check out the trailer:

So what's this story about?

If you read through it, it is a retelling of the Prodigal Son.  

Instead of human father and son, it is cuddly monster father and son who break and reconcile.

While we should always allow the inerrant word of God have the final say and authority, we should not overlook opportunities to instill the spirit of what God has in store for us.

The greater challenge we face as parents is this: when we reduce our teaching to Bible stories, we run a great risk our children connect to the stories as just that: stories.  When they grow up, they call tell you the story of a giant whale, a giant and a stone, a son who runs away.

But they don't connect the deeper essence of the Gospel. 

Which would you prefer?  A child who can tell you by rote memory the story of the prodigal son because she's heard this same tale ad naseum?

Or a child who was entertained and enthralled by cute monsters who convey a story of forgiveness and redemption?

Is it possible the straightforward Bible study can achieve the same?  Of course!

But I believe our job at Ignite is to reclaim the Other Six Days, and us the tools of entertainment to take captive the minds of our children for the grace and truth of Christ.

This is not an easy undertaking, and I need your help.

So if you agree with this premise, and are curious because of this awesome trailer, please consider learning more about how you can get a copy of one of these books and start this journey together!