God is the God of the Breakthrough.

If you are feeling "stuck," I'll share with you how you can experience renewal and transformation.

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a hot, dry valley.

Around you on all sides, you are surrounded by towering rocks.

Standing up on those rocks are giant soldiers with spears and swords, glaring down at you.

All seems hopeless.


The ground beneath you rumbles. A roaring sound fills your ears.

A powerful flood suddenly bursts from behind you.

A huge tidal wave of water washes through the dry, rock-covered mountains.

That burst of water carries away the dead bones, the dried rocks, the hot sand away.

The explosive flood also sweeps with it the army of menacing giants.

That's the picture of breakthrough I want you to fix your mind's eyes upon.

Now, let me ask you a simple, direct question.

Why are you here, reading this?

If you are here because of the following, you have come to the right place. And I welcome you.

As a teacher to thousands of students through my devotionals on YouVersion, I interact with many people who desire Breakthrough. Perhaps you relate to one or more of these feelings:

  • Life feels like a grind
  • Daily existence is heavy
  • Frustration grows
  • You are unclear what is your purpose and direction
  • Low level but ever-present doubts and worries color your day

Some of you might feel like you are in extreme challenges in specific areas:

  • Health -- you or the people in your life are ill
  • Finances -- you feel scared and experience scarcity
  • Relationships -- conflict and stagnation define your key relationships
  • Career -- confusion and dissatisfaction fill your career

As a result, you feel STUCK.

What I want to say may, at first, not be what you want to hear.

But I think it's really important to grasp if you at all relate.

The problem you are having actually goes much deeper.

What I mean is that, often times, we don't prioritize getting out of our state of Stuck because we don't dig deeper into the pain it really involves.

Here are some to consider:

  • The regret if another ten years were to pass and nothing changes
  • Growing agony that God has something greater, but you aren't quite grasping it fully
  • The actual trajectory of your life is something different doesn't happen

See, most people don't spend the time to reflect on the deeper problems from being stuck.

As a result, they never take action.

Years go by and nothing changes.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

God is the God of the Breakthrough.

Like the waters flooding upon the enemies of David that wash them away, God can also wash away the things that keep your life stuck.

Breakthrough is what we all need at some point in your life.

Few things in life happen as quickly as we would like.

However, I do believe that there are times we need a breakthrough.

I love the description of God as a "raging flood" from 2 Samuel. Three characteristics of a flooding water from those verses are:

  • Deliverance from being impossibly trapped
  • Unexpected and explosive change
  • Unbelievable renewal and rebirth

We could all use this kind of breakthrough moment.

It's like that scientific discovery. That moment someone says "Eureka" and that breakthrough idea cures a disease. Builds a nation. Changes a life.

That's what I want to help you to do. To show you the ways God desires to breakthrough into your life.

Are you interested in learning more?

Do you want to have a clear, God-inspired, Christ-based pathway?

Isn't that often what we want when are stuck in the real world?

We want a pathway.

In fact, God says that is what he wants for our lives, as well.

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.
— (Psalm 32:8)

A pathway keeps us from wandering. When we don't have a pathway, we're prone to wander.

Wandering is something we should all week to avoid.

He pours contempt upon princes And makes them wander in a pathless waste. (Psalm 107:40)


We all went wandering like sheep; going every one of us after his desire; and the Lord put on him the punishment of us all. (Isaiah 53:6)

So what is a pathway?

A pathway consists of three main points:

  • Where you have been
  • Where you are now
  • Where you are going

Where have you been?

Perhaps you can relate to the following parts in your past:

  • Bad influences
  • Wrong beliefs about yourself and God
  • Poor desires
  • Wrong decisions
  • Failure to act

You might even have your own list of "bad choices" that you think led you to where you are right now.

Where are you now?

Where you are now, if you're reading this, is probably Stuck.

That feeling can range from hopelessness to dissatisfaction.

And here's the thing. Most people are stuck because where they go from here...is back where they have been!

Often people don't have a really clear picture of where they are now. That's why I share with people the seven kinds of Stuck that they need to understand.

Their journey starts to look something like this:

So here's the important question for you.

Where are YOU going?

Most people will turn from this page. Close their browser or cell phone.

And nothing will change.

If you've been going through my free teaching on YouVersion and in your email, you already have a strong foundation to make that change.

But you need to persevere.

Or, if you want accountability, community, and direct teaching from me, you could join one the Breakthrough Group.

You'll have online access to deeper teaching of the same material I have shared. Here's the material we'll cover each week.


Module 1: Release

  • Why bottling up the reasons for your stuck in your head keeps you stuck
  • Why locking down the emotional feelings only builds frustration
  • How to begin to actually release how you are feeling about being Stuck

Module 2: Signs of Stuck

  • Why bottling up the reasons for your stuck in your head keeps you stuck
  • Why locking down the emotional feelings only builds frustration
  • How to begin to actually release how you are feeling about being Stuck

Module 3: Your Dead End Drivers

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