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Your journey is about to begin....

As you go through the teaching I'll be sending you via email, I prayer for you is that you do experience breakthrough.

Here are some things I'd encourage you do to get the most out of it.

#1: Read with Intention

The hard part is to actually create the time and space to actually read.  I know many of you will read it on your phone, and that's actually a good thing.

Try to read it without flipping back to Twitter or Facebook, or doing ten other things.

Read with intention, meaning, read with the goal to discover God's breakthrough for you.  

#2: Read with Reflection

Don't just ingest information.   I ask questions, sometimes hard and uncomfortable questions.

Reflect on them.  Try to seek the answers.  Let Scripture (and words inspired by Scripture), really dig in.

#3: Read with Engagement

When I ask you questions, actually respond!  It helps the material improve for future emails.  But it also helps you to grow.  These are confidential responses, so really take the time to invest in discovering how God can break through into your life.

#4: Read to Share

Once something has impact, share it. 

The impact of my teaching can only really expand if you share it.  If you don't forward an email to someone else so they can learn more, the teaching simply won't leave a mark on the lives of people.

All of us are meant to disciple others.  Disciple is a heavy word and intimidating.  But sharing strong teaching is the first step to discipleship.  And the teaching doesn't have to be yours!  Why invent the wheel?

I look forward to hearing about your breakthroughs!

Jonah Jeremiah