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Unlock Your FIVE FOLD

Activate Your Gifts to Live with Purpose, Serve God, and Build Up the Kingdom

  • Do you sometimes feel like your life is "wandering" without a clear purpose?
  • Do you have a burning desire to serve God and help His people -- but aren't exactly sure how?
  • Do you ever feel tired, burned out, or just not fitting in while trying to serve the church?

Spiritual Gifts are sadly overlooked as the way.  As a result, we miss an important reminder of the gift -- the grace -- we have all received which frees us from our to-do lists and aimlessness.

In a couple of days, the latest version of this ebook will be released that tackles these very issues.  

In the same clear, Scripture-based teaching on his popular YouVersion devotionals, Jonah Jeremiah challenges and encourages people to grow in Christ through the Five Fold gifts found in Ephesians.

With a desire to unleash a movement in the Church where everybody operates fully and gracefully in their God-given spiritual gifts, Jonah dares to reveal truths rarely heard in churches.

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