Not yet ready to go deeper by joining an Activation Group?

It's okay.  I understand.  You or your church might not be ready yet for that level of commitment.

I encourage you to keep building relationships with your leadership to encourage them to really help you and the rest of your body fulfill their power.

But keep pressing on, even if you don't enroll in an Activation Group.

One of the most common ways we all fail in cultivating our gifts is to stop seeking.

Think about your journey so far.

First, we started with some very basic devotionals and scriptures, thanks to our partnership with YouVersion.

Then we took another step to get deeper through our free mini-course via email.

It was a chance for you to get some never-before taught material on the power of your gifts to define your purpose.

Now what?

Before I answer that, let me ask: how much of what I taught you do you remember?

Let's bump it up another notch: if you had to lead or disciple someone into discovering their spiritual gifts, could you?

This wasn't intended to beat you up.  

But it was meant to open you up.  Open you to something very important.

That there is a next step you can take now.

But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.
— (James 1:22)

If you want to be able to not only fulfill your purpose, but also see you the spiritual gifts alive throughout your church, we all need to press on and keep our eyes on the prize.

The ultimate way that I believe this will happen is through Activation Groups.

But not everyone is ready, so here's what I decided to do.

To update my first edition of my book and pack it full with things you need to take it to the next level.

Check it out on Amazon.com:

I am always adding to it, including some of the amazing material that I send through email.  Why?

Because sometimes when we re-read similar words but in a different place and time, we react differently.  I know that I do.

Being reminded and warding off the distractions in our lives is so important.  So take this time while you can to get the book now.

As always, email me directly for any questions you have.

Live your purpose