Ever ask yourself one of these questions?

"How can I know what are my spiritual gifts?"

"How do I actually use my spiritual gifts?"

"How can I live out my purpose in life?"

These are the most common questions that I am asked as a teacher and author on spiritual gifts.

I truly believe knowing and living out your spiritual gifts to fulfill your purpose can be one of the most important and satisfying things to do.

Some people don't take the gifts seriously because the don't ask themselves this one question:

Do you know who you are?

God knows who you are.

Before you were even born, while you were still in the womb, God knew you.

In fact, He made you!

But here's the crazy thing.

You may not fully know who you are.

Let this question sink in for just a moment.

"Do you really know who you are?"

Perhaps you relate to this: you "understand" the concept that you are a child of God, redeemed through Christ.

But...even with that understanding, you don't really know yourself.  


  • You wonder what is your purpose.
  • You have doubts about how you actually fit within your own church
  • You seek to serve God, but don't know how
  • You don't fully understand why you do certain things (both good and bad)

If you are unclear on your gifts, you aren't fully seeing yourself as God sees you.


As a result, here are some potentially painful things you might be experiencing right now:

  • Aimlessness and wandering when it comes to your purpose in life
  • Repeated conflict with others, either at church or in a marriage
  • Failure to lead (and many of us could be leaders, even if we don't have authority)
  • Spiritual stagnation instead of growth and joy
  • Disconnect from who you truly are 

These are not the kinds of pains that slap you in the face.

They are the kind that gnaw at your soul. Slowly and quietly.

They disappear when you turn on the TV or get sucked into Facebook.

You forget them when you focus on putting out the fires of day to day busyness.

Even if this kind of pain isn't front and center all the time, it's there.

But...when you step back at the bigger picture of what your life could be, you sense that there's something more.

There is another way: unleashing your spiritual gifts

The Good News is that there is another way.

It doesn't involve working harder.

It doesn't need you to become holier.

It doesn't need you to become more religious.

It only involves three steps to start you on the journey.

Before I describe those three steps, first ask yourself:

What would be different if you lived purposely through spiritual gifts?

If nothing is different, then we could stop right here.

But I believe living on purpose would be a whole new way of living.

What is God's vision for your life?

The most important vision God has for us is one of love and redemption.

To be freed from death, the wages of our sin.

To become part of a family in his Kingdom.

All through unmerited grace. Through no effort or goodness of our own.

Our satisfaction and hope lies in Christ alone.

However, once we stand upon that firm foundation, the question to ask is: what's that life look like when we desire to follow God and embrace the purpose he has given us?

Can you imagine living out your purpose through gifts from God?

I don't want to paint a life filled with roses and flying ponies with sparkles and candy canes.

But...a life following God, including living through our gifts for our designed purpose, must be different from a life ignoring that call.

When you can articulate your purpose through your gifts, you are able to more readily make decisions and feel you are on hitting the mark.

  • Increase impact and fulfillment at work
  • Make meaning from the messes in your past
  • Make better decisions now and in the future
  • Have a sense of peace knowing how you fit in God's plan
  • Shed time-wasters and distractions -- from excessive TV, binge shopping, alcohol, even unhealthy people

When you operate in your gifts, there's another level of satisfaction and ease.

I won't say things are effortless.

But there will be a sense that you are being "helped" along the way, perhaps even in supernatural ways.

There's something truly life-changing when you can align your life along God's purposes with the spiritual gifts he has given you.

Your Relationships go deeper and more interconnected

When you have a better understanding of how you have been "wired" according to Spiritual Gifts, you'll be better at relationships in three ways:

  1. Know better how to serve others
  2. Know the blindspots where you hurt others
  3. Better know how receive love

A spiritual gifts the end-all-be-all of having great relationships?


But they give insight that so many people walk around in life without knowing.

If you have been through my five-day devotional in partnership with YouVersion, then you know the kind of life-changing content that I provide.

Imagine that much more, and a community of other believers.

How can you begin a journey to unleash your spiritual gifts?

The best way to learn something new and challenging is through teaching and community.  I offer this teaching and invite you to join.  I desire to enable as many people to learn to unleash their gifts.

Module 1: Your Purpose in Christ

  • The mistaken way many people go about finding their purpose
  • The way to begin to live out your purpose without changing your job
  • How to make take practical steps to live out your purpose through your gifts
  • Why gifts are an essential way to experience and discover your purpose

Module 2: Your Community of Gifts

  • Why community is essential and also hard when it comes to spiritual gifts
  • What to do if your community isn't gift activated
  • How to encourage others to build a community passionate about their gifts
  • What if your community just isn't, and how Ignite is building its own gifts-activated community

Module 3: Applying Gifts at Work


Module 5: 

Your giving not only results in you receiving valuable teaching and community, but also supports the teaching reaching those who cannot afford it.

Unlike most teaching with is always behind a paywall, limiting the teaching to only those who pay, I truly believe that teaching that unleashes the power of the church and delivers unbelievers from the wage of death should be like grace -- widely and freely given.

But I also believe that genuine believers are to heed the call to give with joy and support the workers in the field generously.

If you agree with this and are spurred on with a desire to learn how to tap into your spiritual gifts, press the button below to learn how you can support this teaching and more!