The Kingdom of Marvin (Book 1 Part 1)

Epic stories that your children will love

Teaching Gospel and Christ to Children

This series was born out of a desire and frustration with options for teaching about the Gospel without relying on just Bible stories simplified for children.

The concepts of the Gospel can be reinforced, perhaps even planted through imaginative stories that don't have an Ark and a big whale.

In fact, being able to stretch imaginations with stories and also make the bridge to the Gospel is what can prepare children best for the real-world application of God at work in their lives.

The alternative is all too familiar: children growing into adults who are familiar with the Bible stories....but don't know Jesus.

I wrote this as a way for the concepts of grace, such as through a retelling of the Prodigal Son, to be introduced in story and reinforced through engaged parenting.

To further the stories, I need your help.

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